Perspectives to develop a repertoire of pedagogical strategies

This is a paper that focuses on the theoretical perspectives to develop a repertoire of pedagogical strategies. The paper also includes a case study to use for this assignment.

Perspectives to develop a repertoire of pedagogical strategies

Assessment instructions:

Firstly, review the specific case study scenario. Respond to the problem identified from three different theoretical perspectives to develop a repertoire of effective pedagogical strategies that can be used in a typically diverse classroom setting. Work must be presented in essay/report form – using effective paragraphing. Work must be well organised and well written. Select ONE case study scenario and THREE of the following theoretical perspectives (cognitivist, constructivist and sociocultural/systemic).

Secondly, explain the issue or situation (what is happening and why) in the scenario, from each of the three selected perspectives.

For each of the three perspectives, suggest suitable interventions that an effective teacher could develop (i.e., effective pedagogical strategies) to improve the situation, to encourage the full participation of all students, and to maximise their learning outcomes.

Case study

Primary School:

Your school is concerned about the relatively low level of reading skills across all years. Each teacher has been asked to suggest some approaches they can use in their classroom to improve reading skills. You have a culturally diverse group of children with different skills, abilities and also backgrounds.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1.      Firstly, select a variety of pedagogical strategies that support students with diverse linguistic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds

2.      Secondly, describe strategies to support full participation of students with a disability to maximise developmental and learning outcomes

Word count:
2,500 words (plus or minus 10%). This includes all text (headings, in-text citations and quotes). Additionally, it excludes the reference list and cover page which must be included on separate pages. For this assessment, your marker will stop reading when the maximum word count (2,750 words) is reached and will only award marks on the material read.


The cover page should be simple and elegant (no images, unusual fonts, etc.). You may use an existing template or create your own. Include; the name of the unit, assessment name and number, your name, tutor’s name, date due and your word count. Limit font size to about 16. Include a header (your name and also unit code only) and a footer (page number).

Required format: 2.54 cm margins; size 12 font Arial or Times New Roman. Double line spacing. l Do not submit a PDF. You must submit your work as a Word doc.

Save your work to Turnitin using the following format: Surname_Firstname_UnitCode_Ass2

Referencing: Lastly, use APA (7th edition) referencing format. It is important that you’re in-text referencing, and end of text referencing, is correct. The presentation of the reference list in general, and the layout of individual end of text citations, is important. Check the APA guidelines to ensure you get it right.

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