Personal health challenge and exploration of persons motivation

This is a paper that focuses on the personal health challenge and exploration of persons motivation. The paper also explores techniques to help persons relating to health challenges.

Personal health challenge and exploration of persons motivation

Addresses learning outcomes:
Identify and use strategies to maintain the integrity of self and personal pliancy through intra. Additionally, interaction with people in healthcare practice
Demonstrate independence in developing interpersonal communication skills
Demonstrate advanced critical professional reflective practice

Assessment details:
You are required to interview a person who has experienced a health challenge or who is engaging in behaviours that may negatively affect their health – this could be a consumer in the healthcare context or a person in the community.
Present your assessment as a critical analysis using an essay structure (introduction, body and also conclusion). You may use subheadings within your assessment (no bullet points, graphs or lists).


Your critical analysis should include the following:
Firstly, identify persons health challenge or behaviour and explore the persons motivation to address their health challenge or behaviour using the Transtheoretical Model (stages of change)
Secondly, explore the techniques you have used to help the person move towards addressing their health challenge or behaviours.
Thirdly, evaluate your progress. Describe the outcome and any challenges in your interaction with the person, including any alternative approaches you might consider if repeating this assessment.

You should include at least five (5) academic references to support your assessment.
Word limit: 1500 words
Referencing style: APA 6th edition
Note: All assessments must be attempted to pass this unit

More information from Discussions
It’s actually more about assessment. So you will talk to someone about their health challenge and explore how they feel about it and their attitude to addressing the change. If during the conversation the person wants to change and is keen to make some plans for change you can do that. In week 11 we will cover smart goals as a part of the change process which is a useful tool. You could outline that the person moved into a state of change (preparation or action) and that goals to address change would be part of the plan.

Always remember your role is a coach or facilitator, the person needs to be the main driver for change and should be the person coming up with ideas. If they are stuck for ideas, you could ask them if they would like some ideas of options out there. Then, you could present a range of options and ask them what option they prefer.

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