Nutrition (or Physical Activity) in the Newspapers

For news articles look at the Health sections of major newspapers such as the Washington Post or the New York Times. Other news outlets such as ScienceDaily, CBC, BBC, and NPR.

Search strategy:
1. Pick either a nutrition (or physical activity) influencing factor or health/performance issue to search (For example, caffeine (nutrition factor) or breast cancer (health issue)
2. Add the word “study”
3. Google it!

Step 2: Find the original research article being reported on in the news article.
–But how do you find this article??
Some news articles provide citation information for the original research article
Some news articles provide a link to the original research article
Sometimes, you have to do some detective work using the information in the news article

Where to find Review article? Pubmed

Remember to attach the news article, original research article and review article

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