Community Health Assessment Exercise

Give evidence for each section with local, state and global data. Students may use picture or video to depict and respond to the following.

SECTION I: Community Structure (6%)
A. Name of Community:
B. Map & Identification of Geographical Boundaries
C. Historical Evolution of the Community
D. Housing Conditions
E. Educational Facilities (Sources of evidence)
F. Places of Worship
G. Leading Industries in the Community
H. Transportation
I. Library Services
J. Communication
K. Availability of Merchandise & Food Commodities
L. Evidence of Cultural Activities/Influences in the Community

SECTION II: Population Statistics (5%)
E. Employment
F. Family Income (Percent of population)
G.Educational Level of People Over 18 Years of Age (Percent of population) H.Marital Status/Family Structure Distribution
I. Vital Statistics
J. Communicable Diseases (Top 10)
K.Leading Causes of Death

SECTION III: Environmental Health & Safety (5%)
B.Recreational and Entertainment Opportunities
C.Law Enforcement
D.Fire and Rescue
E. Disaster Planning

SECTION IV: Health Related Resources (2%)
A. Health Services (including public, acute, home care, community, long term, occupational)
B. Social Services (elderly services, pregnant & parenting teams, family services, problemfocused services)
Make a research paper base of City of Carson, California. Can use US government websites / data statistics /

SECTION V: Government and Public Policies (3%)
A.Government Structure
C.Public Issues in the Community
Conclusion (2%)

You may use CDC, local government, state or federal health and human services, WHO, or other governmental agencies to gather your information.

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