Nursing Conflict Resolution Case Study – Conflict Resolution Strategies

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Assignment Objective: To explore conflict resolution strategies.

Tied to Course Objective: Apply problem solving principles to a conflict situation in the workplace (Student Learning Outcomes 2, 5, 8)

Assignment Rationale: “Leaders work to implement changes that will have positive outcomes, but they also need to realize that there may be negative outcomes as well…. One of the most common outcomes of change is conflict” (Grossman & Valiga, p. 128).

Directions: The purpose of this assignment is to apply conflict resolution theory and communication principles to a life situation of your choice. There are no preselected conflicts. You will create your own case study from your experiences. This is a formal paper written in third person, and includes title page, introduction and conclusion appropriate level headings (listed below) and scholarly reference citations. Use correct APA format (6th edition) and pay close attention to correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Papers should be 6-7 pages (excluding cover page and references). Limit the use of direct quotations to no more than 2 per page of narrative.

Please provide an introduction, use the following level one headings in addition to Conclusion:
Description of the Conflict
Cost of the Conflict
Diagnosis of the Situation
Identification of Roles
Action Taken
You will have your choice of scenarios (choose only one):
Choice One: healthcare worker – to – patient and/or family conflict
Choice Two: healthcare worker – to – healthcare worker conflict
Do not refer to anyone by name; use initials only
Make sure you provide a clear description of the conflict, ‘paint a picture’ by describing: who, what, when and where. Leave the reader with a clear story about the conflict situation. If appropriate, describe antecedents (such as “T.L., a 40ish male nurse, and M.C., a 20ish female respiratory therapist, have had a civil, yet tense, relationship for weeks after T.L. was vocal about M.C.’s perceived lack of competence during a code.”).
It is expected that the student will use at least seven (7) scholarly resources to support an explanation of both effective communication principles and application of a conflict resolution theory. Information may be obtained from credible websites or journals as well as the text.
Three Required references: Advancing Your Career (Kearney-Nunnery), Nursing Leadership & Management (Murray) Chpt 6, and The Third Side resources .
Options for remaining references: any scholarly book, journal or website.
You must have at least 2 business references: Think ‘outside the box’ and consider the New York Times, BusinessWeek or Forbes (available online). Also, consider searching on Business Full Text (EBSCO), available via the PSC Library database.
You must have at least 2 nursing references: Consider nursing journals as Journal of Nursing Administration, Nursing Management or Nursing Administration Quarterly (all available on OVID via the PSC Library database).
Submit the paper to the Assignment due box by the published deadline. Points will be deducted for each day the paper is late (see late work policy in syllabus).
Use the TLCC, if you need help with composition or APA formatting.

For the case study, use The Third Side (3S) assumptions and skills (on CANVAS). There are two resources. The first resource is the author William Ury’s Website. Explore the site and listen to one video of your choice. In the upper navigation bar, click “10 Roles” and review them. The second resource is an overview of the The Third Side which may help you synthesize what you have read. Include the following elements to offer a resolution to the conflict:

Review the 3S overview, assumptions and skills. (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.)

Apply 3S to your situation (assess cost, diagnose situation, identify roles and take action) (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.)

Step One- review the cost of the conflict. Use the following table to gather your information. Then incorporate findings into your paper. (Links to an external site.)

Step Two- use the 3S resources to diagnose the situation (overt, covert, etc.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Step Three- identify roles that each member of the conflict is playing, such as the provider, the bridge-builder, etc. (Links to an external site.)

Step Four- use the resources to take action (how you would resolve the conflict, such as change the story or create a winning alliance)

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