Nurse Personal Communication Style

Nurse Personal Communication Style

Use the template linked below to assess your own communication style.  Then, reflect about the following:

  1. What are the positive aspects of your communication style?
  2. What are some examples of how your strengths have benefited you in your communication with others?  How do you think these strengths will be beneficial when working as a health practitioner?
  3. What can you do to strengthen these characteristics?  What can you do to develop new strengths that you will need as a health practitioner?
  4. What are some of the aspects of your dominant style that may be potential trouble spots in one-to-one and team work communication?
  5. What can you do to control or avoid those potential trouble spots?
  6. Which communication styles do you communicate with most effectively, and why?
  7. Which communication styles do you communicate with least effectively, and why?
  8. What specific challenges do you face, or need to be mindful of, in your everyday communication?
  9. What can you do to overcome these challenges now that you understand the importance of communication style?
  10. Why is an awareness of personal communication style vitally important when working in health care?  (Consider for example, issues of patient safety, team work, caring for vulnerable people who are sick, in pain or dying, breaking bad news and working with patients across the lifespan and from different cultural groups).

Write an essay comprising the following:

Title page with your name, student number, unit code, unit title, assignment number and title, submission date and your word count;

An Introduction, describing the context for the assignment (role of professional communication, your personal communication as a health professional, self-reflection as a component of professional practice; cite 2 – 3 key references here) and then clearly stating what you will be writing about;

Assessment of Personal Communication Style, reporting the results of your self-assessment in words, accompanied by an appropriate graph or table.  Remember to acknowledge the source of the assessment tool you have used;

 Reflection on Communication in Health Practice, comprising your reflection on the points listed above.  Use appropriate subheadings to provide structure and focus. DO NOT use the reflection questions above as subheadings;

Conclusion, demonstrating how you have addressed the key points of the assignment question;

APA formatted list of References, the sources you have cited in your essay.

Throughout your essay, it is essential to include APA-formatted in-text citations (references) to the academic literature to substantiate your analysis of your strengths and areas for development as a future health practitioner.  It is fine to use your text book as one of your sources but you are also expected to search for 5 – 10 peer reviewed, scholarly articles (not your Moodle learning guide, newspaper articles, Wikipedia or popular internet sources) to support your writing.