Measures of patient safety and management memo

Measures of patient safety and management memo

This is a paper that discusses the Measures of patient and need for management. This is through a memo to Brian Miller, PhD, Safety and Health Director at Edison Family Health

Measures of patient safety and need for management memo

In 6 to 8 pages (1500 to 2200 words) (6 to 8 pages), develop an APA-style paper, including title and references pages, that addresses the following. Be sure to provide at least four scholarly sources that were not listed in the study materials. You may find the World Health Organization and/or embassy websites to be useful, in addition to current scientific literature.

Part One
Firstly, write a memo to Brian Miller, PhD, Safety and Health Director at Edison Family Health. The purpose of the memo is to comment on the need to explore different measures of patient safety and the need for management to recognize the importance of their involvement, as well as patient involvement in ensuring safety.

Part Two
Secondly, analyze the different aspects of quality in healthcare. Identify and discuss some of the key factors that may influence a consumer’s perspective of quality. Explore some of the different characteristics that may also be important to purchasers and providers and how each of these factors or characteristics can be applied in the delivery of care. Explore how the assessment of quality was calculated. Examine the different measurement and assessment tools used to evaluate quality, which ones you think are most effective, and why.

Part Three
Thirdly, comment on the role of utilization management and how physicians and non-physicians are responsible for managing healthcare resources effectively.
Note: This assignment corresponds to or addresses the following Healthcare Management outcomes.

Satisfactorily explore and identify management best practices that advance the healthcare organization’s ability to successfully achieve the strategic objectives.

Appraise the current healthcare delivery methods critiquing the current model and identifying the most useful delivery model to increase the quality of patient and operational outcomes.

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