Literature search of Nursing PICOT question

Literature search of Nursing PICOT question

This is an assignment that focuses on a literature search of a suitable PICOT question. This should be identified from module 1. Additionally, the references used shall be rated using the provided links in the assessment.

Literature search of a suitable PICOT question.


Complete the assignment, using this Word file as a worksheet. Type your answers directly on this sheet. Use APA style and include citations to support your work.
Include your PICOT question from Module 1. Identify in parenthesis each part of the question (the (P) (I) (C) (O) and (T), if a time element is included).

Firstly, perform a literature search for the PICOT question identified from your assignment that you completed for Module 1. Use Chapter 3 and the PubMed Search Example document as a guide to conduct your search. Then, write 1-2 paragraphs discussing your approach and steps taken to perform the literature search. Also, include the names of the databases you used to perform your literature search.
Provide a list of 10 references related to your chosen PICOT question.

Secondly, for each of the 10 references, rate the level of evidence. Use a specific evidence rating scale. See the following examples:
The resources in Appendix B may be helpful.  Additionally, provide a rationale for the rating you chose.
Lastly, complete an Evaluation Table Template for the ten references as presented in Appendix C.

Thirdly, discuss in 1-2 paragraphs any difficulties you experienced in performing the literature search and rating the evidence. Subsequently, synthesize and critique the quality of the research evidence on your topic. Lastly, comment on your level of comfort in performing a literature search.

Make sure to conduct a research as indicated. All resources to be in a clear citation and referencing style and format. In this case, use APA style.

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