Leadership Theories. Comparing and Contrasting Leadership Styles / Theories


Compare and contrast two leadership styles or theories

Mini-Paper: Compare and Contrast two leadership styles or theories

This Assignment fulfills the following course objective:

  1. Integrate nursing leadership concepts and theories into the various roles of the professional registered nurse to promote safe and high quality nursing care.

In this assignment you will select two different leadership styles or theories, and write a 2-3 page paper comparing/contrasting the two. Focus on how the two are similar to each other (comparison), and then describe how they differ (contrast). When you are writing this paper, reflect on analyzing the differences, how and under what conditions would they be utilized, and what is important about them. State how these would or would not be significant to the nursing profession.



–          Identify the two different leadership theories or styles

–          State the rationale as to why these two theories or styles were chosen

–          What is the significance of these styles or theories, why are they important


–          Explain the similarities and differences between the two theories or styles, give examples

–          Discuss the advantages and disadvantages

–          State the conditions/environment that both of the theories or styles would work best.


–          Summarize the findings from the discussion

–          States significance to the nursing profession.




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