Informational Memo Assignment (Electronic Health Records)

Informational Memo Assignment about Electronic Health Records (EHR)

EHRs have many components, functions, and attributes.  Administrative staff must be educated comprehensively about all the factors that make up the EHR system.

You are the Chief Information Officer of your hospital. Write a memo addressed to the senior departmental staff. Any memo format may be used.

  1. In this informational memo you will discuss, with outside literature support for each section, the following EHR components found in your textbook:
    1. Administrative Processes
    2. Communication & Connectivity
    3. Decision Support
    4. Dentistry/Optometry
    5. Health Information & Data
    6. Order Entry Management
    7. Patient Support, Results Management
    8. Population Health Management.
  2. Research and describe what each of these components do, and why it is important for your facility to incorporate these. How does each affect reimbursement?
  3. Support your position with solid peer reviewed research and make sure any facts in the paper receive in-text citations.
  4. Your memo should be at least two full pages to fully explain to the managers all the various components of the hospital’s new EHR system.

Make sure to use credible journal articles or .gov websites in your research. Provide a cover page and references page as well.



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