Aligning child with computational choice model

Aligning child with computational choice model

This is an assignment that discusses how is a child aligned with computational choice model. The paper also describes the extent of a child’s understanding in terms of computational choice.

How is a child aligned with computational choice model

Diagnostic interview (500 words)
Include information:
Firstly, how the child aligned with the computational choice model ( a summary of clear example of child’s responses to interview items)
Secondly, describe the extent of the child’s understanding in terms of the computational choice model that informs the interview tools (what the child used to generate an answer pens paper/ counted on fingers/MAB blocks if present/asked for a calculator)?
Also, include a summary of what you decided to do in the tutoring sessions and why?
Lastly, describe how your plan lesson are link to FSiM Key Understandings and to the Australian Curriculum.

3.0 Tutoring lessons (300 words per each section x3 [3 areas of most concern]) (900 words in total)
Include information for all sections ‘Key learnings that took place’:
Firstly, what did the child learn and how did she demonstrate that learning
Secondly, what were some of the tasks that worked well? Why did they work?
Thirdly, what didn’t work? Why didn’t it work?
Lastly, what did you do about it?


4.0 Making effective computational choices (200 words x 4 [4 areas of model Hurst and Hurrel]) (800 words in total)
Include information:

Discuss factors that have an impact on children’s ability to make effective computational choices and why this is important (discuss model Hurst and Hurrel)
Discuss the importance of teaching for conceptual understanding where ideas as a connection and relation
Then, discuss some particular pedagogies and strategies that could be a develop elements of the model

5.0 Conclusion (150 words)
Clarify main points of the report (based on the child’s results and future lessons / computational choice/operations in general)

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