Global Politics Reflection Paper

Global Politics Reflection: Towards the end of the semester (week 14), you will submit a Global Politics Reflection paper, worth 18% of the course grade. For this assignment you will choose a global politics issue that interests you (for example, human rights, migration, environmental harm, etc.). The reflection paper should explain how the issue is impacting current events, how it does or does not affect the United States, and why the issue matters to you as an individual. Appropriate sources should be cited, including our textbook along with news stories from the “recommended global news outlets” listed in Canvas. Assignment goals: (1) Gain experience applying International Relations concepts to real world current events. (2) Gain experience evaluating the importance and interconnectedness of global issues. (3) Develop deeper interests in global politics through pursuit of individual topics of interest. Papers submitted after the deadline (December 6) will be penalized 10 points/day and no late papers will be accepted after December 11. Emergency circumstances delaying submission should be communicated as soon as possible and must be verified by the Dean of Students office. Plagiarized papers may result in a zero for the assignment and other academic misconduct disciplinary procedures.

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