Explain the challenges you undergo in doing a project

This is a paper that requires you to explain the challenges you undergo in doing a project. The paper requires presentation of ideas and also concepts learnt in field of study.

Explain the challenges you undergo in doing a project

Write a three to five page essay that presents the following information:

 Evidence/Artifacts – Firstly, identify three specific projects or assignments that you were involved with in your internship this trimester. In each case, explain how the project or assignment challenged you to use ideas and concepts that you learned in your field of study. When presenting ideas and concepts, give specific examples from coursework that you have completed in your degree program at ITU.

Important – Secondly, before submitting this assignment, present a copy to the supervisor at your internship site to confirm that your references to specific projects respects any agreements the provider had you sign when accepting the internship.. If necessary, you can make edits to this assignment to present project information in more general terms.

 Recommendation – Thirdly, please explain why you would or would not recommend this internship to a future student in your degree program. Be specific about how the internship this trimester helped you develop stronger skills in your field of study.

 References – Lastly, within your essay, use appropriate APA references or citations from at least two scholarly articles, journals, books, or publications that are relevant to your internship. (Note: do not use Wikipedia or blogs as sources for this assignment).

Format and References
Your essay must be in  an APA format with a clear, size 12 font (e.g., Times New Roman). The essay is to be double-space and have one-inch margins on each side. A title page and a reference page may not be as part of the three to five pages. For additional details about APA format, please visit https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/.

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