Community health disparities in the nursing field

Community health disparities in the nursing field

This is a paper that focuses on the examination of Health disparities issue in the nursing field. The paper also reviews morbidity or mortality.

Examination of Health disparities issue in the nursing field

T‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍he purpose of the paper is to critically examine a health disparities topic in their discipline . Additionally, to research literature in nursing and other disciplines to develop a proposal for addressing the health disparities issue you chose. Explore research on your topic.

In your paper:

Consequently, you will summarize evidence on disparities related to your topic and identify factors that contribute to those disparities. Next, you will propose solutions to address the health disparity, considering factors at the individual provider-patient, organizational, policy, and societal/structural levels.

Your paper should reflect your evolving understanding of how nursing (or your health profession. If you are not a nursing student) you can contribute to health equity. Write a 3 page paper, using APA formatting (OWL at Purdue APA Formatting/Style Guide is very useful). Topic guidelines: Rather than choosing a cultural, racial or ethnic group as a starting point, think about clinical diagnoses that interests you such as hypertension, a type of cancer in a given population, diabetes, sickle cell, HIV, prenatal care; or care settings such as ICUs, emergency services, or primary and preventive care settings. For example, you can choose specific topics such as racial disparities in bariatric surgery, disparities related to veterans primary care, or care for patients with deafness, etc. You can also choose a global health or community health topic. There are many possibilities.

Draft Guidelines:

1. You might introduce the topic and review available data on morbidity/mortality; differences in outcomes among certain groups; challenges in providing equitable care (e.g., cultural, language, gender, or other barriers, such as lack of insurance or access, discriminatory processes/policies) as identified in the research literature.

2. Paper details. This should include your plan for reducing disparities. Also, in achieving health equity, involving at least three levels of intervention (see 1-4 below). You should submit this paper in APA format if you want feedback on APA, citations, references list, etc. In your discussion of interventions/solutions, present evidence from scientific literature and suggestions made by scholars on your topic. You can also apply knowledge on reducing disparities from other sources not directly related to your topic as long as they are appropriate.

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