Ethical Nursing Issues (Healthcare Fraud)

As a profession, nursing has ethical responsibilities. In the practice of nursing, legal and ethical issues often arise, and the nurse must understand them and take appropriate steps to address them. Ethics and legal issues involve professionalism, practice concerns, health policy,
reimbursement issues, and the organizations that provide health care (Finkelman, 2019).
Focus: The focus of this assignment is the ethical principles and how they apply to making ethical decisions.
*Please review the Week 2 Instructional Recording and Tutorial on Turn-It-In.
***Please note that you MUST include a running head in your APA paper. This is based on each institutional preference.
Directions for Writing Assignment (WA):
**Access all Turnitin Assignments (Writing Assignments) through the Moodle link within this week. Do not make your own account.
*You must review the Writing Assignment Rubric within this week’s content prior to starting your paper.
*Select and research one (of your selected) legal/ethical issues discussed in chapter 6 of your textbook -or- identify ONE issue from current
events. Nursing/medical issues are strongly encouraged. *Pick only ONE topic.
*Write a 3-5 page paper in APA format, page count excludes the title and reference page.
*A minimum of 4 references are required. References must be recent which is less than five years old, and from the United States- your textbook is not a journal.
*If you want to use more than 4 references they must all be current and peer reviewed sources.
*Abstracts are not required for writing assignments in this course.
**Articles must be “current” 5 years old or less and research based in the United States.
Cover the following items in your Writing Assignment:
(1) Define the issue (introduction),
(2) What is (are) the ethical principle(s) related to the issue? Here are the Ethical Principles from your text book: Autonomy, Beneficence,
Justice, and Veracity. Ethical principle(s) are required in this writing assignment. Relate one, two, or more principles to your ethical issue in your paper.
(3) Provide a detailed definition the ethical principle(s) identified and how it applies to this situation.
(4) Significance to nursing-patient care.
(5) Conclusion- Summarize your paper and draw your conclusion.
Note: You should not enter new information in the conclusion.
(6) Use appropriate headings for the various sections of your paper.
(7) The title of your paper is unique to your topic. Do not use the headings in the textbook, and create your own title. *Please do not use any facility names in your document for confidentiality purposes.

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