Community Teaching Experience – Reflection Paper

Nurse Community Teaching Experience

What is a reflection paper? A reflection paper is a students’oportunity to add thoughts as well as analysis to what they have read and experienced. Why Reflective Writing?  The purpose of a reflection paper is  to help students to demonstrate understanding of the material and how it impact their ideas and possible practice in future. How do one write a reflection paper? Although it is less formal as compared to other academic papers,  a reflection papers ought to have an academic tone. Moreover, it should be personal and subjective.  An excellent  reflection paper shows one’s thought process and analysis regarding an event one witnessed, a task one perforned, or even a book one read. What are the types of reflective writing? There are two types of reflective writing: experiential reflection, and reading reflection.


In 2200-2500 words, write a reflection paper on your community teaching experience. Your paper should be formatted in APA style. You should use 5-7 credible/peer-reviewed academic sources.


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