Enhancing creativity

Description Main sections of a research report

•Cover Page


•Introduction (and statement of the problem)

•Literature Review (include theoretical framework)

•Research design

•Methodology (i.e. treatment / intervention)

•Research Findings


•Conclusion ( with limitations of study)

•Reference (as many as possible)


The rationale of research: Creativity is an important component of 21st CC problem-solving skills. Research questions:

1. Does STEM activities held in Makerspaces contribute to develop/enhance creativity in students?

2. In what way(s) does STEM activities in Makerspaces help build creativity in students?

3. What challenges and possibilities associated with STEM activities in Makerspaces could teachers tap on to further develop creativity in students? Intervention:

1h weekly Makerspace class over 12 weeks. 40 Primary 5 students in an international school in Hong Kong. Research method: Mixed method (Qualitative & Quantitative) Creativity pre and post-test Student and teacher interview

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