Discuss the theme of perseverance in Maya Angelou’s poem

This is an assignment that requires you to discuss the theme of perseverance in Maya Angelou’s poem. The poem is “Still I rise” and “Mother to Son”.

Discuss the theme of perseverance in Maya Angelou’s poem

Generate a critical literary analysis based on the following essay prompt highlighted in red   This Compare/Contrast essay must include 4 secondary sources.
Please keep in mind that this is not an essay about the authors; rather it is an analysis of his/her works, meaning that your focus must be on the works, not the author.  Essentially, your focus should be on the works FIRST!  Your secondary sources will then be used to support YOUR discussion of the works.
Your essay must be a minimum of FIVE paragraphs, and not more than seven.

Discuss the theme of perseverance as it is explored in Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise” and Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son.”

Be sure that your essay

Has a clear and interesting introduction that captures your readers’ attention and makes them want to read your paper
An introduction that includes a clear thesis statement (some point you want to make) based on the essay prompt
Introduction is clearly indicates the complete name of the authors, the genres and the complete titles
Organize your essay in BLOCK (one-side-at-a time) format
Presents tense when discussing literature, especially when creating lead-ins to support material
Has a clear and also sufficient support for your thesis.  This means that you must cite sufficiently from the primary source (the text) to support your discussion

Be sure that you use the required number of secondary sources (4).  You must research the specific work.  Researching the term ‘perseverance,’ without connecting it to one or both of the poems you are analyzing, will not yield relevant secondary sources.
Effective transitions between paragraphs, so that your essay is cohesive
Has a conclusion that adds a sense of unity to your essay

Be sure that you attach copies of all of the secondary source materials you use in your essay.  These copies must include all of the relevant works cited information.  For instance, for books you must include the title page, copyright page, publisher’s information page, the page before your quote, the page of your quote and the page after your quote.  However, if you are quoting from a chapter of a book in which the author of the chapter and the author/editor of the book is different, then you must include a copy of the complete chapter/section.  Regarding Ebscohost sources: you must include the entire print out, including the works cited information.  Do not merely copy and paste the article to a Word document.

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