Developing role of physiotherapy in Health Promotion

This is a paper that focuses on developing role of physiotherapy in Health Promotion. The paper also considers the government drivers in health promotion.

Developing role of physiotherapy in Health Promotion

The developing role of physiotherapy in Health Promotion and illness prevention, a reflective account.
There is increasing emphasis on the role of physiotherapy in health promotion and also illness prevention, with the economic burden of ill health being felt by individuals, organisations and the healthcare providers.
This assignment is the chance to reflect on what you have witnessed on clinical placement, in relation to HP and IP. Place it in context of current practice and thoughts for the future.
You should include:
• An introduction to the developing role of physiotherapy in health promotion and illness prevention.  Consider:
Background to the problem (health of the population)
What is HP and IP
Introduce the reflection component to the essay.


• The main body of the assignment should be a reflective account of placement experiences of a physiotherapist’s role in health promotion and illness prevention.

Firstly, what did you witness – +ve or -ve. (-ve is not necessarily about criticising what was seen on a placement, but identifying where changes could be made to support HP/IP input, or to develop further where some elements exist).
Secondly, when choosing which experiences to include, consider relevance to physio carefully. I.e. smoking cessation may involve in some of the programmes physios are involve in, but it’s not our area of expertise and also so not a good choice of focus. Emphasis around physical activity would be the most likely option, but your choice as long as directly relevant to physiotherapy.
Thirdly, could be a single experience or a combination, however if using more than one experience, it’s better to stick within the same theme of HP.

As with all assignments you must support your arguments with the relevant literature in that area. Keep it balanced not biased.
This should not be a descriptive piece and so make sure you include analysis, synthesis and evaluation, in the context of the existing evidence.
You can write in the first person for the reflective account.

o Within the assignment you may want to consider:
▪ Government drivers you have witnessed in action, in relation to health promotion and also illness prevention.
▪ The implementation of campaigns by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy that you may have witnessed.

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