Developing Rich Performance Task for science or social studies

This is an assignment that focuses on developing rich performance tasks for science. The paper also contains several links to consider in the assignment.

Developing Rich Performance Task for science or social studies

ASSIGNMENT 1 PART B – Developing Rich Performance Tasks – please read all instructions before beginning.  There are references at bottom of page.

Research and rate 3 Rich Performance Tasks that you would consider using in at least one of your discipline areas for the Science/Social Studies/Language Arts curriculum for the Practicum grade in which you were in.  Only did Grade 5, Grade 6

Ontario, Canada Curriculum
Social Studies
Language Arts

Provide a ‘thumbnail’ sketch/photo of each task, along with a rationale as to the choice of the task with reference links (must cite references).
Rate the three selected performance tasks in table format. Develop 6-10 appropriate criteria for rating (i.e. cross-curricular content; engagement factor; Ontario curriculum expectations met; level of critical thinking fostered)


Choose one of the rich performance tasks you researched, and also explain (1 page typed) how it connects to the Assessment Loop or Self-Assessment Continuum.

Some Resources to consider:

What is a Performance Task?

The Assessment Loop: Merging Assessment and Instruction
●        Firstly, uses professional learning goals to frame assignment as directed
Understandings are accurate and grounded in teaching/learning/developmental theories and practices
●        Secondly, clearly articulates understanding of content/practices/connections and implications for own and student learning
●        Examines learning experiences in relation to personal, professional and course objectives
Provides insights into how learning has shaped solid professional practices and deeper understandings of teaching/learning pedagogies and practices
Firstly, conveys meaning clearly, with few grammatical or spelling errors
Secondly, connects ideas in a way that is organized and logical
Thirdly, all sections/relevant components of assignment are completed
Fourthly, use of headings and other organizational structures contribute to overall organization and facilitate ease of reading
Engages reader through content and delivery
Assignment is uploaded to D2L and placed in correct folder

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