Develop a bivariate research question using variables from the World Values Survey and contextualise the question within the relevant literature (theory and research).


Outline a hypothesised relationship using variables from the World Values Survey Word the hypothesis as a clear bivariate research question

Make sure that the research question is theoretically grounded as this will have to be explained in the literature review Underneath the research question clearly identify selected variables (using variable name and number as they appear in the SPSS World Values Survey data file) Consider levels of measurement when selecting variables (as covered in online lectures, required reading and tutorials) Explain your research question in theoretical terms Conceptualise variables (i.e., explain how and why selected variables can measure the constructs employed in your research question) Provide a theoretical explanation for the implied relationship Contextualise your research question within relevant academic literature These are the requirements. I know it could be confusing but there is no need to add numbers into it. just mostly theories betweent 2 or 3 social factors. For example The earnings somehow affects the happiness of life. Factors of social research and social science.

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