Cultural Plunge and Reflection

Complete reading #10 before moving forward with this assignment. The instructor must approve all cultural plunge experiences. Failure to obtain approval will result in a loss in credit. See Cultural Plunge Information handout for examples of cultural plunge activities/events. Cultural Plunge Guidelines: The cultural plunge involves direct participation and contact. The idea is to engage a culture different from your own. This experience should be one you have never had before. It must take place between the start of this class and the assignment due date. Previous experiences will not warrant credit. The plunge must last for at least 1-2 hours and you must have face to face interaction with people from the target group. The majority of the people there must be from the target group. I highly recommend doing the activity alone (versus with classmates or a friend) to resist the temptation to only interact with that individual. Write a minimum 3 page reflection addressing the following: What cultural plunge did you choose? Share relevant/meaningful details of the plunge. What were your thoughts about this group/event/plunge before completing this assignment? What was an “a-ha” moment (a moment when something became clear to you that you weren’t aware of or conscious of before). What will you remember from this experience 6 months from now?  

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