Creating Nurse Teaching Plan. Nurse Corona Virus Teaching Plan

Creating Nurse Teaching Plan. Nurse Corona Virus Teaching Plan

Emergency Preparedness: Corona Virus

Topic: Corona Virus

Who will you be teaching? Work site (co-workers)

What will you be teaching? How to avoid getting the Corona Virus?

Teaching Plan

Develop a teaching plan based on an assigned scenario or case. Determine what elements you would include in your assessment of the learner. Identify anticipated or expected learner needs. Select and prioritize evidence-based teaching strategies that would best meet the needs of the learner. Describe the sources you would provide to enhance learning. Explain methods that would be used to evaluate learning outcomes. Provide rationales for elements of your teaching plan supported by references from the required course reading assignments.

Answer each part:

  1. Teaching strategies: an instructional method that presents content in a way that is designed to bring about specific changes in learners. It includes activities that are done by the learner as well as by the teacher.

Examples: lectures with discussions, return demonstrations, one to one instruction, guest lectures, audiovisual presentations, simulation, role play, group activities, games.

  1. Readability of writing materials: refers to the language level (expressed in terms of grade level), layout and design. It involves examining the number of syllabus in each word and the number of words in each sentence.
  2. SMOG Readability Formula
  3. Words Count Analytics
  4. Evaluation of effectiveness: evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching. Describe which method/tool you will use to evaluate effectiveness.
  5. Sources and References: relevant, accurate, pertinent to the topic, current.
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