Correlation Between Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders

Choose a drug: cannnabis, cocain, cigarette, heroine, etc


Conduct a library search for five research articles published in peer-reviewed sources within the
last five years. This will be the first set of articles you will use for your literature review paper later
in the course. As you read the articles, keep notes on each of them using the Synthesis
Worksheet, located in this week’s resources. Download the Synthesis Worksheet, complete it,
and submit it as your assignment.
While completing the assignment, do not cut and paste material directly from the article; instead,
provide a summary in your own words of the key points from each article. Keep direct quotations
to a minimum, and quote only when paraphrasing is difficult—for example, statistics and results.
Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

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