Consider an event in the life of your family such as birth

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to consider an event in the life of your family such as birth. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing of the assignment paper.

Consider an event in the life of your family such as birth

Step 1(Human Behavior 2)

Consider an event in the life of your family (this may range from a normative event such as the birth of a child to a crisis or stressor, such as the loss of a family member through death). Apply social work theories to this life event.

The paper must be a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) pages in length. The cover and reference pages are not included in the page count. APA format, Times-New Romans, 12-point font.
Headings and subheadings.
Firstly, briefly describe the event and how your family responded to it.
Secondly, identify the strengths displayed by your family members during the event.
Thirdly, identify how cultural influences affected your family’s experiences of the event.

Fourthly, indicate the risk and protective factors that either a) affected the likelihood of your family experiencing the event in question or b) affected your family’s response to the event or the event’s outcome
Discuss whether oppression was a factor in your family’s experience of the event. If so, how? If not, what prevented that from being a factor?
Consider the ways in which your family may have been empowered, and by what systems, during the event.
Identify relevant systems involved in the event or the response to the event (e.g., extended family, neighbors, religious community, group membership, medical and legal systems, school systems, etc.).
Lastly, describe the interaction of various systems using concepts from systems theory as covered in the text and class.
Attach an ecomap as an appendix to the assignment

Step 2 (Social Work Practice 2)

Skills in Development Planning for Groups (SW Practice 2) 2 page requirement.

Imagine that you are planning a group to address one of the following populations or problems:
People concerned about bullying in a school

Using the guidelines in this chapter, determine:

The name you will give the group
The type of group
A one-sentence statement of purpose
The size of the group
The length, structure, and format
The location where you will meet
Important factors in group composition
How you will recruit and screen member

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