Concept Paper – Intrapersonal Analysis Paper

Concept Paper #2 (Signature Assignment Intrapersonal Analysis Paper) Concept Paper #2 is 8-10 pages (not including the cover sheet and references) written in 6th edition APA format. This paper is developed from the very first day of class, by taking notes (reflective journaling) of what you have learned about yourself from this course through lectures, what is memorable from reading, experiential learning experiences, dialogue with others and investigating online library research of the database of articles related to intrapersonal and interpersonal concepts (consider Howard Gardner’s exploration of Multiple Intelligences in Frames of Mind, and Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence), Drive by Daniel H. Pink, MBTI results, Interpersonal Skills in Organizations (de janasz, dowd, schneider, 5th edition) chapters 1-4, 6-9, 11 & 17., Essentials of Organizational Behavior (Robbins & Judge) chapters 4, 6-8, & 14, This paper will present 1) Personal Mission Statement (personal code of ethics with identification of 4 values), “1. Security 2. Family 3. Having good physical health 4. Doing well in school” 2) MBTI results,(ISTJ) 3) Self-awareness and perception of how personality profile, strengths and potential areas of growth could influence the effectiveness of relationships, both personally and professionally, 4) Benefits of self-disclosure to enhance trust in relationships, 5) Strategies to improve communication and enhance listening skills, 6) Significance of managing emotions and moods, with self and others and strategies to resolve conflict. 7) Benefit of goal setting and implement SMART to make 1 commitment to improve effectiveness. Scholars, this reflective paper will require personal insight and discoveries and intentions of how you see yourself differently and MORE than just paraphrasing concepts and key points from readings but to indicate mastery of the concepts and citation of sources. Please show how this new awareness may be put into practice in your life and a business setting. Paper must include a minimum of 5 sources total. (40 pts) Important note: clearly identify each of the subtopics by a left heading.

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