Compare your experiences and beliefs of an exemplary teacher

This is a paper that focuses to compare your experiences and beliefs of an exemplary teacher. The paper also focuses various questions that you are to answer on the topic.

Compare your experiences and beliefs of an exemplary teacher

A critical aspect of this assignment is comparison. Ensure that you compare your experiences, beliefs and reflections by identifying the similarities and differences with the beliefs held by others (ie, peers/personal network) and the reasoning for these similarities and differences.

Use academic and scholarly sources as references to support your comparisons and the explanations that you present. It is important that you read the relevant literature before you discuss the implications of your reflections and comparisons in terms of your own professional teaching practice and professional identity.

This section requires references tosupport your discussion. You will need to look at two different bodies of literature; you will need to include references on teaching practice, and also references on professional identity. Discuss a range of implications for your teaching practice including how you will teach. Additionally, how you will communicate with your students and their families. Implications for professional identity will focus on how you understand your role as a teacher in the classroom, school, and community.

Compare your experiences and beliefs of an exemplary teacher

1. Yes you are to compare your experiences of an exemplary teacher and your beliefs of an exemplary teacher with the experience that your interviewees had of an exemplary teacher and their beliefs of exemplary teachers.

2. You do not need to develop a questionnaire as this method is too structural. You should develop a few key open ended questions asking people to think about a time when they were taught by someone they believe was an exemplary or high quality teacher. Then you might ask them to tell you about what the teacher was like. Also, what things did this teacher do in the classroom that others were not doing or that set them apart from others. You should also have some questions around what they believe high quality or exemplary teachers are. Teachers who do what, teachers who have what sort of personal qualities, teachers who interaction with students how…..

3. For the first comparison component of the report you do not need to discuss your reflections in terms of professional identity and teaching practices. In the implications component, you will discuss what the key findings of your reflections and the comparisons mean for

a) professional identity and b) teaching practice.
4. a) you must use academic / scholarly literature to support your discussion. Newspaper articles, youtube videos, blogs, etc. are not academic / scholarly sources and should not be used.
b) literature sources uses beyond the reading list should be contemporary, publish within the last 10 years.

c) both national and international scholarly literature can be used to support your discussion

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