Cloud privacy and security threats vulnerabilities and solutions

This is an assignment that focuses on the cloud privacy and security threats, vulnerabilities and solutions. The paper requires a project proposal format and also plan.

Cloud privacy and security threats, vulnerabilities and solutions

Assessment item 2 – Project Proposal and Plan
Topic : Cloud Privacy and Security : new threats , new vulnerabilities and also new solutions
PRESENTATION Format for project proposal and also project plan

Analysis of sources of information (EndNote, APA Referencing Style)
Research method(s)
Data collection or systems design methods
Ethical Issues
Compliance Requirements (Workplace, Industry or Government regulations)

Project Plan

Deliverables (Annotated Bibliography, Journal Paper, Report, Seminar)
Work breakdown structure (WBS)
Risk Analysis
Gantt chart

Appendix (if required)


Follow the Study Schedule and work with the Topics in Interact as they provide a “scaffold” for your learning in this subject.
Develop a detailed Capstone Project Proposal and Plan using project management software (as listed in the Study Schedule) and also the skills you have acquired from IT Project Management to develop a project plan with a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), milestones and  also Gantt chart. These tools may help.

MicrosoftProject Pro (; Additionally, Open source tools like GanttProject (; OpenProj( OpenProject ( Lastly, ProjectLibre (
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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: Firstly, be able to interpret and evaluate an overview of recent trends in emerging technologies and innovation. Also, be able to perform literature searches and critically analyse the literature in the chosen topic.
The Learning Outcomes being assessed in this item include how you interpret and also evaluate an overview of recent trends in emerging technologies and innovation and begin to plan, execute, record and present your research and project work as a capstone experience. Your Project Proposal and Plan will be evaluated with a series of five critical thinking questions that you can use as a Checklist:

Firstly, has there been sufficient justification of the choice of the topic? Topic selection process. Secondly, is the scope appropriate and proposed activities reasonable? Setting boundaries with the available time. Thirdly, is there a proposed methodology and research question(s) that demonstrate critical thinking? Methodology.
Fourthly, are the deliverables clearly and sufficiently complex?
Lastly, is there a project plan with a schedule and timeline using project management tools and techniques? WBS, Gantt chart etc.


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