Choosing between internal and external sources for finances

This is an assignment that focuses on choosing between internal and external sources for finances. The paper contains two questions and also a rubic to follow.

Choosing between internal and external sources for finances

Question 1-
Evaluate the relative arguments for a firm choosing between internal and external sources of long-term finance. Illustrate your answer with analysis of at least two examples of external sources of finance.
750 Words maximum.

Question 2-
Cash is King”. Using recent developments in the economy of the UK, explain why managing cash is a fundamental concept of business finance. Use references where appropriate. Also, your answer should give examples where a lack of cash has been a contributing factor. Your answer should include:

I. Firstly, identification of a business or business sector that has failed due to cash flow difficulties, providing an evaluation of the issues. Also note if there were any other underlying business issues in addition to cash shortage.

II. Secondly, analysis of the impact of the operating cycle. Also, why it is such an important factor in business success, applying it to the business or business you have selected.

III. Thirdly, evaluation of any recommendation you could make on what the business or business sector could have done differently to result in a possibly more successful outcome

Ensure that the paper is around three pages long which is about 750 words maximum. Additionally, ensure the paper is following the APA format and guidelines. Lastly, ensure you add references from the sources that you will use for the assignment.

Marking and feedback-

80+ As below plus: • Excellent work which contains relevant material & shows analysis, originality or creativity of approach and a clear, well- articulated understanding of the subject matter • Wide research incorporating up to date, relevant original material. Accurate citation and use of references. • Excellent with few or no errors in organisation, structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, use of diagrams & tables

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