Approval of the Prospectus for the DNP Practice Project

This is a paper that focuses on the Approval of the Prospectus for the DNP Practice Project. The paper also identifies the  focus of the project in the program.

Approval of the Prospectus for the DNP Practice Project

Instructions for Approval of the Prospectus for the DNP Practice Project

Your scholarly project, called the DNP Project, is part of your Clinical Scholarship Portfolio (CSP).  It is a major project focusing on quality improvement to influence population or organizational/systems processes and outcomes.  See examples of completed DNP Projects posted on Canvas at DNP Post-Master’s Student Information site – CSP folder.

You identify the focus of your DNP Project early in the program (first semester) so that you can tailor course assignments around your project.  Your advisor is the key person with whom you will work to help narrow and shape the focus of the DNP Project.  Plan to meet regularly in person or with technology (e.g. telephone, email, Skype or other media), and set up meetings with your advisor on an ongoing basis (every week for the first semester and bi-weekly after that for the duration of the program – until the DNP Project is complete).


Your first task is to prepare the prospectus for your DNP Project. The prospectus takes considerable time to prepare.  Prepare your prospectus according to the instruction provided.
Center your first and last name in bold at the top of the first page of the prospectus.  Address each of the headings listed for the prospectus (e.g. title through expected outcomes) at the left margin followed by a colon; start the content after the colon.  A reference list in not counted in the 1-3 page prospectus

Your advisor must approve your completed DNP Project Prospectus by May 1st of the second semester of the DNP program. Additionally, your advisor indicates approval by signing the form and you also sign the form.  Your signature indicates your commitment to complete the project. Also,  your understanding that if you have a major change in the focus of your DNP Project, you will submit a new prospectus for approval by your advisor.

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