Approaches to solving real world engineering problems

This is a paper that focuses on the evaluative approaches to solving real world engineering problems. The paper also provides a coursework overview for the students.

Approaches to solving real world engineering problems

Assessment Details
Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) Assessed by Coursework
Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:
MLO2 Firstly, apply critical and evaluative approaches to solving real world engineering problems.
Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):
MLO3 Secondly, demonstrate the ability to critically analyse your collaboration and investigative abilities.
MLO4 Thirdly, demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and have an awareness of ethical considerations.

3.2          Coursework Overview

Firstly, a comprehensive understanding of composite materials and their manufacturing techniques are vital for engineers and those seeking engagement in industries that use these materials. Several industries (e.g. aerospace, automotive,…) are widely viewed as being the industries in which the greatest volume of advanced composite materials will be used in the future.

Secondly, composite materials are becoming more significant in engineering and students need to understand their principles and manufacture methods. There are plenty of techniques to fabricate composite materials and components. Each technique has its own advantages and limitations. Selection of particular manufacturing process is based on the materials to be used, end product and cost.

This assessment examines the typical manufacturing methods and processing conditions and requires students to consider two main viewpoints: technical and also economic aspects. The objective is, by the end of this assessment, for you to have detailed knowledge regarding the manufacturing methods and processing of composite materials for structural applications and associated advantages and limitations.

3.3          Coursework Tasks to be by Students
Your task is:

“Investigating the current manufacturing technologies of structural composite materials (including, technical challenges and costs)”

Your Key Inputs Selection:
1.   Firstly, select the type of composite materials to consider (Polymer-matrix composites (PMC) OR Metal-matrix Composites (MMC) OR Ceramic- matrix composts (CMC): Choose only one material

2.   Secondly, select your industry for applications (e.g. Automotive, Aerospace): Choose only one industry

3. Thirdly, select your end product (component): Choose any component as a demonstrator

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