Analysis of budget of an actual justice administration agency

This is a paper that focuses on the analysis of budget of an actual justice administration agency. The paper also has three sections acting as guidelines.

Analysis of budget of an actual justice administration agency

For the final project in this course students will analyze the budget of an actual justice administration agency. Any agency will suffice for purposes of this project but you are welcome to use the budget of your actual agency. In this project you are to review the actual budget and then based off of your readings in the course materials (textbooks, outside readings, outside research beyond the course materials) you are to discuss the budget in the following three (3) sections.

Section One:

Background on the agency that you have selected. Include a brief history and a brief explanation of the population that they serve and/or the government entity that the agency services. In this section students will provide sufficient understanding of how the agency should operate. This is in order to better understand the budgetary needs that will be discussed in the following sections.

Section Two:

Discuss the budget in terms of what expenditures encompass the majority of the budget. (note that many budgets are largely affected by personnel costs. I.e. salary and benefits, so you can mention these in your answer but focus on other expenditures that may not be as commonplace). In providing this analysis of your selected agency’s budget you are to discuss any problem areas that you identify. (if none are identified as problem areas then select area(s) that could potentially become problematic). Are there areas of the budget that seem inconsistent with the appropriations as discussed in the course materials? Are there current factors that could affect future year(s)’ budgeting? Discuss these issues and how the budget could be impacted by these events.

Section Three:

Summary and conclusion. This is where you can discuss the good and the bad of your selected agency’s budget.

This paper should be between 4 to 5 pages in length but there is no maximum page count. However, you are to include a digital copy of your select agency’s budget so that I may review the budget as I read your work. If anyone has any questions please feel to post them in the appropriate forum or contact me for any further guidance. Good luck and I look forward to reading each of your final papers.

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