Analysis of Arturo Herrera’s formal approach of collage

This is an assignment that focuses on analysis of Arturo Herrera’s formal approach of collage. The paper also analyzes the uses, relationships, and approach of the artist.

Analysis of Arturo Herrera’s formal approach of collage

Review the artists utilizing collage in their practice that we looked at on the first day of class (list below), and choose one to investigate more deeply. Look at as much of their work as possible, review their biography, read a couple of essays written about their work; if they have written an “artist statement” read that as well.

Write an essay – it could be as short as a single-spaced page. That analyzes the formal approach in their collages: use of color, shape, nature of edges, relative density, scale of work as well as internal scale relationships, imagery (or lack of).  Anything that you observe about their approach. Discuss what this approach leads to, the objective of the work. How the orchestration of formal decisions in the work leads to a particular aesthetic and generates some sort of meaning.

In addition, give some context for this artist’s work: what period did they work in. (if they are contemporary when did they begin working. Starting mature work in the 1990s is very different from starting in the 2000s or 2010s), were they part of a larger art movement, or reflecting a larger social, political, or cultural condition in their work, is their biographical profile relevant to the nature of their work, etc.

You are examining the work and musing on the work as artists looking for ideas rather than as scholars. Enjoy the work, absorb the work, allow yourself curiosity around the work.

The artist that you are focusing in this assignment is Arturo Herrera.

Ensure that the paper is written in detail and follows the APA format and style guidelines. Also, ensure that include references that you may use.

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