Romantic period author brief analysis and discussion

Romantic period author brief analysis and discussion

This is an assignment that focuses on a romantic period author brief analysis and discussion. The paper also discusses the historical event in regards to the author.

A romantic period author brief analysis and discussion

A short analysis covering a Romantic period author, that has already been selected at the bottom of the page. I( understand that you would have trouble citing from the anthology, so I have typed (see below) the work cited that would need to be in the work cited pg.

Essay Discussion—Brief Analysis of a Romantic Period Author

This essay consists of four requirements. Please submit to drop box in Essay Discussion folder.
1. Firstly, discussion of an author from the Unit 2 or Unit 3 Reading List (see page 2)
2. Secondly, discussion of the author’s representative work from the anthology
3. Thirdly, discussion/explanation of the impact of an historical event on the author’s work/life
4. Lastly, documentation of sources (in-text citations and Works Cited page)

1  Representative Author:  Select an author from the list that you think best represents the Romantic period and briefly discuss his or her background, birthplace and/or important literary influences (such as ideas from other writers, personal experiences, or cultural background).

2  Author’s Representative Work:  Discuss the author’s work (choose from one of the Reading Lists) by providing a brief summary (explanation of main ideas, author’s purpose, and also whether this work is part of a larger [longer] piece). You must also include a quote from the author’s work. You must cite the class anthology as the source of the author’s work.

3  Historical Event:  Explain the impact a historical event/literary period may have had on the author (such as style, subject matter, popularity, etc.).

4  Documentation (in-text citations and Works Cited page):

A romantic period author brief analysis and discussion

in-text citation = signal phrase  +  parenthetical

Works Cited  = all citation components required by MLA for each type of source

In-text citations will be needed for all facts and ideas that are not your personal experience (such as summaries and also paraphrases) as well as words copied from any source (quotations from the source).
Works Cited:
·       Levine, Robert S., et al., editors. The Norton Anthology of American Literature.      Shorter 9th ed. 2 vols, Norton, 2017.
·       Washington, Irving. “Rip Van Winkle.” Levine et al. vol. 1, pp.515-27.

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