Writing Across the Curriculum Project. Using Professional and Scholarly Resources

Level One:
• Cite professional/scholarly nursing reference using APA citation

• Run a CINAHL database search accessed through the library homepage on the topic of basic
care and comfort.
• Write a one and half to two page summary using APA format
• Work individually to create a written product
Student Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate familiarity with nursing journals/publications
Engage in an introduction to electronic resources using the DCC/CSN library home page
Engage in an introduction to using APA reference citation
Write a summary of an article using APA format
Written Assignment
Topic: Choose a concept topic and look for an article that addresses nursing implications and/or
nursing considerations.
Concept topics:
Assessment; Infection; Communication; Oxygenation; Elimination; Perfusion; Intervention:
Medication Administration; Tissue Integrity; Mobility; Clinical Decision Making; Metabolism;
Teaching and Learning

Go to the library and review one of the following nursing journals available in print and in the
DCC/CSN electronic database on the assigned topic (within the past five years): American
Journal of Nursing; Home Healthcare Now; Nursing; Nursing Made Incredibly Easy; Minority
Nurse Magazine.
• Access CINAHL through the library’s home page
• The search must produce a professional/scholarly nursing article within the past five (5) years
• Provide a one and one half to two page double spaced summary of the article using APA format
• The summary will include an overview of the content in the article.
• A clinical evaluation “Satisfactory” or ‘Unsatisfactory” will be issued for the written assignment
as this is a clinical assignment reflecting an understanding of patient basic care, patient safety,
and/or patient comfort.
Requirements for turning in the written assignment:
The quality of your written assignment is a reflection on you. Your instructor is committed to
assisting you to produce the best written assignment possible, while ensuring all work conforms
to a universal style. You are responsible for following the procedure for submitting your work to
your instructor, who will grade the format and content using the grading rubric.

The written assignment shall follow the guidelines described in the current Publication Manual of
the American Psychological Association.
Double-space the text throughout the work, both within and between paragraphs. Do not triple or
quadruple space between paragraphs. Paragraphs should be indented one half inch (0.5”).
Regardless of the margin requirements dictated in the APA Publication Manual or approved
alternate style guide, your margins shall conform to the following rules.
a. The top, right, left, and bottom of each page will have a margin of one inch (1”).
b. Do not justify the right margin.
Type Style (Font) / Size:
Utilize black type in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Title Page:
Submit a “Title” page with the name of the article, your name, course name, instructor’s name,
and date. Each should be centered on its own line.
Follow the title page with the summary of the article.
Follow the summary of the article with the reference page.
Submit the following to your instructor:
Submit both a hard copy and an electronic copy of the journal article, the completed written
assignment, and a copy of the grading rubric.

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