Vision for the CNL Role; Barriers to Implementation; Driving Forces for Implementation

Drawing upon the reading and discussion for the course, write an essay in APA

format regarding implementing the CNL role. The essay is to have three headings and contain the following information in within the headings.

Vision for the CNL Role

How do you envision the CNL role being implemented in your current

workplace or practicum site?

Barriers to Implementation

What do you anticipate to be the barriers to implementing the CNL role?

Driving Forces for Implementation

What do you anticipate to be the driving forces to implementing the CNL


In addition, the essay is to have a well-formulated introductory and concluding

paragraph. The essay is to be no more than two pages in length. It is to be a written narrative with well-developed paragraphs, no bullet points. Provide an explanation of the rationale for your ideas and base your discussion on reliable source material.

A draft of this essay is due for instructor review of APA format, writing mechanics

(not essay content), and Turnitin Similarity evaluation

by Wednesday, April 15th. Any corrections noted by the instructor must be incorporated into the final essay



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