Veteran experience such as stigmas, the transition to society, lifestyle, and skills

Find a current article, (no older than 3-5 years), in a magazine, newspaper, blog, or on
YouTube, that discusses the veteran experience such as stigmas, the transition to society,
lifestyle, and skills. The media that you select should be one that is targeted for the general
public. It would from a popular source such as an article from Newsweek Magazine, New York
Times, or a blog, rather than from a scholarly source. Scholarly sources are peer-reviewed by
experts in the field prior to publication. Popular media sources are not peer reviewed.

In a 1-1.5 page report,summarize the main points of the media and its overall message. Submit
in the assignment section.

Your name and date at the top of the page in the header section
Name and link of the Media
A brief summary of the main points of the media
Discuss how the veteran was portrayed and if you think it was positive or negative
Discuss whether it was accurate, or ill-informed/inaccurate in some way. Provide rationale.
Describe how you think this media will influence viewers (positively or negatively)
Recommend what you would like to see included or changed in this media to improve accuracy
of information and/or portrayal of today’s veterans.
A reflective conclusion
Turnitin score of 24% or less.
Use your own words, i.e., no quotes.
Times New Roman, 12 Font
Approximately 4-5 paragraphs

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