Therapeutic practice with an individual client, self appraisal and critical reflection


Create your own scenerio. Scenerio must be mild to moderate issue that is genuine. Do not
discuss severe issues (Severe trauma, suicidality, eating disorders, severe mood / anxiety
disorders, borderline personality disorders etc). Slide 6 (Structure of the essay). Assume it is the
first session. (4) EDF 5530. Writing case notes – P(Problem) A(Asessment) I(Intervention) P(Plan).
(5) EDF5530 Case Plans (6) Week 1 update new – powerpoint. Detail on Egan Model. Egan
Microskills (Slide 13). (7) EDF5530 session 1 _ 2020 . Tune into clients and listen carefully. Build
relationship, communication is the key. Egan Microskill (slide 7), SOLER (Slide 12). (8) EDF5530
2000 session / 2020 – What makes us effective counsellors. (9) EDF5530 Week 2 recorded lecture
slides – Counselling microskills, empathic responding: work at mutual understanding. 3 dimensions
of responding skills (Perceptiveness, Know How, Assertiveness). (10) EDF 5530 – Questions in
counselling Part 1 (Prompts, probing, open and closed questions, paraphrasing, summarizing).
(11) EDF 5530 Part 2 Questions in counselling – Scaling questions, exception seeking questions,
the miracle question, externalising conversation, future focused probes, problem solving and
brainstorming questions, identifying role models, coping questions. (12) Self disclosure final (13)
Immediacy powerpoint – Working in the here and how. (14) Challenging final (15) Powerpoint
presentation – Goals, strategies and a brief word about planning – SMART goal, decisional
balance). (16) Cooper & Norcross client preference inventory.

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