The Up Series

During this course, we will be watching a documentary series that follows the life of a British
cohort of children throughout their development. The first documentary is filmed when the
children are seven years old, and each subsequent one is filmed seven years later. There are six
“episodes.” We will watch the first installment together, but you will watch the remainder on your
own, or during viewing parties with classmates. Along with viewing the documentary, you will
submit four, 3 to 4-page (double-spaced) papers connecting course material with the lives of
those portrayed in the documentary.
Imagine yourself as a developmentalist and use professional language and terminology to both
explain the development of various individuals and to make informed predictions. Focus on two
or three individuals for each paper in order better organize your thoughts and keep your paper
concise. Think specifically about the risk- and protective-factors that likely led to various outcomes, and identify specific outcomes (e.g., marital satisfaction, SES, level of education, life
satisfaction). Be sure to consider the individuals’ physical, cognitive, and psychosocial
development. I am most concerned that you are able to apply what we have learned in the
textbook to real-world examples. I will be looking for deep, critical thought and intellectual
engagement with both the course material and the documentary.

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