Surgical Error Prevention

Earned points for the journal article review (also known as Evidence-based practice paper or “EBP” paper) will be counted in the Non- Testing Points
towards the final grade for the course.
The published journal article and the student EBP paper must be submitted electronically to Canvas by the due date.
Grading is based on rubric:
 Article choice & review with faculty (1 points)
 Introduction (2 points)
 Summarization of the article (4 points)
 Recommendations for practice (5 points)
 Conclusion (2 points)
 Format/Style (Grammar, spelling, appearance, length 1-2 pages) (3 points)
 APA format (3 points)
A. All articles from nursing journals must have been written within the last 5 years unless noted as “classic” or pre-approved by clinical
B. All articles must be from a professional nursing journal and written by a nurse (one nurse needed if multiple authors)
C. Must comply with APA format-refer to information presented in clinical seminar, APA manual 6th edition, or websites on our library
D. Plagiarism, copying verbatim any sentence or passage from the nursing journal article without quoting the source, is not acceptable.
(Please refer to “Honor Code” located in the Student Handbook concerning plagiarism).
E. A copy of the nursing journal article must be attached to the EBP paper upon submission; the paper will not be graded if this copy is not

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