Statistics for a nurse or healthcare provider

How do you use statistics in your work as a nurse or healthcare provider? Find and discuss at least two examples of how statistics are used in your field. Do you feel like statistics are a vital part of the nursing field? Why or why not? You might wonder, why do you need to study Statistics. Why should you bother at all and know about it? I want you for a minute think about your daily life and see if you find any concept related to statistics that you might use or apply daily? Think about probability of getting a good paying job as a nurse or dental hygienist. Didn’t you in fact think about it before making the decision of becoming a nurse? (Besides your love for this career). How did study about this career and did your research? Didn’t you search and looked at the job demand, future demand and prediction? It seems you did use statistics already 🙂 Another example could be the correlation between weight of a patient and saturated fat. If you don’t know that, how do you help the diet of the patient? I am sure you would agree that, this is nothing but Statistics. If you think about it, I am sure you find many more examples and you would agree that in fact Stats has a huge impact in our lives.

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