Selecting a Policy Analysis Framework

The goal of policy analysis is to provide in-depth, relevant, and evaluative information about a
policy. Using a framework as a guideline for the analysis provides scaffolding for logically and
carefully considering the policy issue. To select a framework, one should consider the focus of
the policy being analyzed and whether the policy is intended to be predictive or prescriptive. For
this Discussion, you will choose a policy issue that is important to you and after evaluating the
frameworks described in the Learning Resources, select the framework most appropriate for
analyzing the issue.——————————————————————————————————
To prepare:

Reflect on your understanding of the policy process: how policy is formulated, adopted,
implemented, and evaluated.
Review the various frameworks presented in this week’s Learning Resources and consider how
they are applied to nursing and health policies. How do they assist you in understanding and
shaping policy?
Brainstorm a list of the issues that are most important to your practice (these can be issues at
the institutional, local, state, national, or international level). Then identify a specific nursing or
health care policy related to one key issue, and consider which of the frameworks you would use
to examine the issue.
Note: You may not select the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for this analysis.———-
Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
Identify the policy you have selected.
Describe the framework that you would use for this particular issue, and provide your rationale.
At what other stages in the policy process might an analysis framework provide guidance?———
I am a Family Nurse Practitioner who works in mental health and substance abuse. I am in my
DNP program. Please use original thought as it will be checked for plagiarism.

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