Respiratory Diseases in the Elderly

Part 1: Identify an at risk population and then identify a current health issue affecting the
population you chose-CDC, WHO, Healthy People 2020
Part 2: Using at least two data resources (see list of potential data resources below) explain how
this information could be utilized to establish the need for health programs and improve care for
this issue (Discuss the gathered information addressing the problem-the availability of heath
services, or lack of, and the nurse’s role in providing or supervising care). Provide evidence and
rationales from the gathered data in order to provide the at risk population with appropriate
interventions. Identify at least 2 interventions.
Format/Writing: Include at least two professional references to show that this is a relevant and current issue (nursing scholarly articles only-within 5 years). Paper is typed using APA
guidelines. Correct grammar, sentence structure, and referencing is used. Paper is within 2-3
pages-not including the title page, and reference page.
Potential Resources
a. Health insurance statistics
b. Data from medical clinics
c. Special epidemiologic surveys, including morbidity
d. Vital Statistics
e. Absenteeism data from school or work settings
f. Disease registers
g. Hospital and clinic statistics

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