Reflective Ethical Priniciples Essay

Apply relevant ethical principles to a case scenario from your past clinical practice or from one
discussed in the lecture (more points considered for own example/scenario). We can make up a
scenario as long as its believable and simple.
This assignment will incorporate professional reflection of the student’s experience. Within your
reflective essay:
• Provide a brief summary of your selected case study (setting the scene);
• Briefly compare and contrast differences between moral and ethical reasoning from your
• Outline and apply specific ethical principles to your scenario that may assist in guiding your
subsequent nursing care.
Referencing is essential for this reflective essay, as students are required to seek confirmation of
learning with the literature. For example, this may include best practice documents, journal and
research articles, texts, hospital polices and guidelines, legislations, registration authority
documents, to name a few. Your writing should demonstrate evidence of your skills as a
reflective practitioner, highlighting your ability to reflect on events in an analytical and critical way.
Referencing in text and bibliography
APA (7th edition)
• Minimum 5, including 3 peer reviewed journals (not more than 7 years old)

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