Prevention of Pneumonia in Ventilated Patients/ Critical Care

Paper details
This assignment provides students the opportunity of working in small groups to examine nursing-focused interventions pertinent to critical care areas. Students will identify a selected faculty-approved topic, collect information regarding best practices, judge the quality of the evidence, analyze the information, and form conclusions and practice recommendations. Electronic presentations should focus on current evidence-based research in nursing practice. Students will research and present an organized, logical analysis of information, and make recommendations for nursing practice.
The group will:
Meet on the discussion board to discuss project details.
Choose a group leader who will be responsible for submitting assignments.
Identify a selected topic based on the guidelines provided.
Email the instructor the group’s topic (group leader only).
Analyze evidence concerning the selected intervention.
Construct a presentation in a clear, logical manner.
Make conclusions and make recommendations for practice.
Post the group presentations in PowerPoint format to the discussion board (group leader only).
Submit your peer evaluation form in the Group Project Peer Evaluation assignment.
This two-part assignment is worth 100 points
90 points group PowerPoint
10 points group Peer Review
Evidence Based Practice Presentation Rubric
Evidence Based Practice Presentation Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome


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