Nursing Practicum Discussion


Practicum Discussion: This week, your assignment will be to incorporate all of the information
you have gathered from the community—including the population itself, health data,
interviews/conversations with interested community members, and your community assessment,
including your Windshield Survey—as well as what you have gathered from scholarly literature to
propose measureable interventions. Measureable interventions mean that the results can be
measured through some data that could be collected (Stanhope, 2016). This requires thinking in
terms of actions and then measuring results. An evaluation of interventions is important to see
whether or not they are effective in solving a health care problem. Remember, you will need to
use the data you gathered to determine whether or not a problem exists in your community and
to then determine whether your interventions might be effective.
Please discuss the following points in your Practicum Discussion:
Identify one evidence-based behavior change that would promote health in your selected
Suggest one specific culturally sensitive, evidence-based, measureable intervention to address
the health problem for your selected population.
Think in terms of measuring outcomes. What outcomes would you expect to see once the
intervention(s) are in place? Be specific.

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