Population Cultural Considerations and Genetic Predispositions

1. Identify any genetic predisposition your chosen population has to a particular disease
– My chosen population are elderly people who turn to alcoholism as a means for coping due to job loss, a sense of loss in the community or
their family and hopelessness. I do not view this particular population as having a genetic predisposition
2. Develop primary practice interventions that reflect the cultural considerations of the population.
– Cultural considerations would be those of an italian, catholic descent.
3. Lastly, you will develop culturally appropriate, measureable interventions to help your population members maintain an optimal state of
health, avoiding the problem that you identified them being at risk for developing.
From the professor – Please discuss the following questions in your topic:
1) Provide a few examples of community resources that should be put in place to assist your population in resolving their health care needs.
2)What gaps in service do you see that affect your population?
3)Are there any cultural considerations that might inform your approach to caring for this population?
4) Does your population have a genetic predisposition to the health care problem you have identified? (no, mine does not)
5) Identify at least one evidence-based, culturally competent behavior change that would promote health for your selected population and for the
specific health care problem you are addressing?

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