PICO Method. Critical Appraisal

Anaesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Once you have critically appraised the articles you should summarise what the studies found and you need to discuss how the findings could be used in practice.

Reflect on value of the selected studies and whether they are of use in practice. If not, why? You could look at how the findings could be used for:

• Individual or groups of patients/clients

• For your benefit

• For your department

• For the organisation in general

• For society The choice is yours and you don’t have to cover all of the above points.

The Following aspects could be included but they are not prescriptive:

• The “fit” with other evidence, clinical policy, procedure and guidelines

• How the evidence “fits” with other research • If appropriate, consider how it “fits” with your experience in clinical practice

• Would this evidence change practice?

• How the evidence could be implemented in practice?

• Factors helping or hindering the implementation of the evidence

• How the findings fit with patient preferences

• Ethical issues with using the evidence

This part should continue to demonstrate analysis and arguments should be supported with references.  s

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