Patient Falls

Part 1
Why does negligence occur in the healthcare setting?
Is negligence an ethical challenge for the health care system?
What are the consequences of negligence in the healthcare settings?
When a patient with Medicare coverage falls out of bed, who pays for treatment of the fall-related
health issues?
What is a list of ‘reasonably preventable’ mistakes, termed ‘never-events’?

Part 2

Summarize the facts in Harkins v. Natchitoches Parish Hospital.
Further, discuss the impact this failure to exercise reasonable care had on internal and external
Examine the legal implications related to the healthcare organization compliance.
Review any legal requirements associated with the case such as, for example, reporting
Analyze the ethical implications associated with the case. Be sure not to confuse ethical and
legal implications.
Discuss the problem of items on the patient parking lot that are dangerous for being tripping on,
especially if such items are hidden in the grass and not easily visible.
Use the Joint Commission Framework for Conducting a Root Cause Analysis template to
prepare a root cause analysis of an adverse event in Harkins v. Natchitoches Parish Hospital.

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