Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory

Answer the following questions is essay form.

The answers must be clearly, succinctly, documenting all sources of information

Remember that CINAHL Nursing Guides, and websites such as, nurselabs, and other similar websites are not scholarly sources.

Make clear when information comes from a secondary source.

Make clear when each question is being answered.

Either copy the question or create a clear heading for each answer that reflects the question.

This assignment should adhere to APA guidelines.

This means double spacing, headings, and other basic elements of APA

Questions to answer:

The questions should be answered clearly and succinctly, but with enough breadth for understanding.

A few sentences aren’t enough to answer the questions.

The nursing theorist I chose is Lydia Hall: Care Cure Core Theory. Identify a nursing theorist and their nursing theory.

Lydia Hall: Care Cure Core Theory Please cite the source.

Make clear if from a secondary source. Scholarly support is needed in APA current edition format.

Why did I choose my selected nursing theory?
This question will require more than just a few sentences.

To answer this question will require specific information from the theory with an explanation of why this theory was chosen.

What do you like about this theory? Why?

Why do you think this theory is a helpful guide for your nursing practice?

Sources of information from the theory must be cited correctly.

Scholarly support is needed in APA current edition format. Brief summary of the nursing theorist and the nursing theory I chose including key concepts (include scholarly support in APA format).

Cite proper name of theory, theorist, and source for the information.

Identify and define all of the major concepts and explain how they are related.

The key concepts must be explicitly defined with information from the theory and an explanation of how they interact within the theory. Scholarly support is needed in APA current edition format.

How does the selected nursing theory address or identify the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm?

Analyze the theory and determine how the Care Cure and Core Theory addresses each concept of the nursing metaparadigm: nursing, person, environment and health.

Remember that sometimes these are not explicitly addressed and will require interpretation.

Document all sources of information.

This will require specific statements from the theory that demonstrate how it addresses each of the concepts in the metaparadigm.

It’s good to find a source that has already analyzed this information.

Scholarly support is needed in APA current edition format How is this nursing theory useful to the nursing profession? This is NOT personal opinion.

Find an article that utilizes the theory in either practice or research and describe how it is used. OR….find an article that discusses in general how the theory has been used in practice.

When you write about the theory, document sources. How would I apply this nursing theory to my chosen MSN specialty, leadership/executive?

This section is a reflection in your words (can be written in first person) and describes how you think you could use the theory in leadership.

Present an example illustrating the use of the theory in advanced nursing practice related to executive leadership.

Scholarly support is needed in APA current edition format Self-Reflection: What did I learn from completing this assignment?

This section is important and counts 20 points.

Unfortunately, it is a section that is frequently missed.

Again, here is your personal reflection (also written in first person) on what you learned.

Examples here could be nursing theory in general, the theory you wrote about, and the importance of theory in guiding nursing practice and research. NOTE: CINAHL Nursing Guide articles are not considered scholarly.

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